Welcome to my fly tying videos page. Here you can enjoy all my step by step videos showing how to tie my favorite flies...enjoy!

Wyoming Half Back

This is my ‘Wyoming (West Sussex!) Half Back’ It’s my ‘Avoid a Blank Day’ Fly! Don’t go fishing without it!

The Orange Diving Daddy Fly

The ‘ODD Fly’…The Orange Diving Daddy! This fly just keeps on catching. Please tie it! You will not be disappointed!

Stuff Appetiser

Enjoy a quick bite of ‘Stuff’. My video magazine that brings you new flies, new products, collectable tackle and a whole menu of tips and tricks. Find out what it’s all about.

The Under Hackle Mayfly

In this little video I explain how I use Bug Bond to balance my ‘Under Hackle Mayfly’ and show you a few clips of the lighter side of my DVD ‘Mayflies and More’

Quick Tie Mayfly

Tie the ‘Quick Tie' Mayfly now... and be ready! It’s a simple 3 step Mayfly with just 3 basic materials.

Blue Flash Bugger

When the Blue Flash Damsel met the Wooly Bugger, the Blue Flash Bugger was born! It’s one of my most effective streamer patterns. My number one fly for those big winter Rainbows. Go get ‘em!

The Rubber Bullet

Learn how to tie the Rubber Bullet. It’s a new version of my Bullet fly and it’ll catch you fish ‘off the top’ even in the colder months. Keep a few in your box for year round fishing…and catching!

The Deadly Caddis Larva

I found Ed Berg’s Caddis Larva on a packet of Nymph Head Beads from the Flymen Fishing Company. It’s a fantastic little pattern. Tie it …try it…and catch a big one. I know you will!

The Supa-Dupa-Pupa!

Learn how to tie and how to fish my brand new ‘Supa-Dupa-Pupa’. The ‘Low and Slow’ fish catcher!

The New Emerger ‘Bob’!

Learn how to tie and how to fish ‘BOB!’. ‘ BOB!’ features a foam post...a double hackle and a brand new body material from Veniard. Check it out.

The Bee-Bee-Gee-Bee - Bug Bond Glass Bug

Let me show you how to tie the fly that helped 'The Dream Team' win the 2013 River Test One Fly Competition. It's the 'B-B-G-B'. The Bug-Bond-Glass-Bug!

Mayfly Emerger - The Bullet Reborn

My Bullet has given me my best catches over the last three years, but in our last Mayfly season I tied an emerger version and it worked so well I thought I’d share it with you. When you fish it only put floatant on the Deer hair wing…not on the body. This should hang down in the surface film.

Vee-Wing Emerger

When you are next preparing a trout's menu for windy conditions, I would highly recommend my Vee-Wing Emerger. It's a mishmash of several ideas but designed for a specific purpose. When I fished the River Itchen in 2010, the 'go to' fly was a size 16 yellow Klinkhamer. It was a terrific fish catcher in calm weather, but if the wind got up and the water became rough, the fly would often 'drown'. So I came up with this pattern that I hoped would have the same appeal as a Klinkhamer but with a better survival rate. I gave it a smooth thread body finished with Bug Bond that would quickly pierce the surface film, and added Deer hair wings to give it better flotation. I'm told these wings are not unlike those seen in Davy Wotton's series of Hatching Caddis. I'm delighted to be in such illustrious company!

I Love Bug Bond

From the moment I tried Bug-Bond I knew it would revolutionise the the way I finished many of my dry flies and nymphs. Frankly it has been an absolute godsend and I use it on most of my fly designs. I have no commercial interest in the product, but I was so impressed with it that I made this short film for David Edwards and the Bug-Bond Team.