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When I appear at fly-fishing and vintage tackle shows, many of the questions I’m asked fall into distinct categories. So I’ve put together this little video magazine that will not only answer many of your queries but also show you some of the materials, tips and tricks that I’m more than happy to recommend. Welcome to my ‘STUFF’!

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So You Want to Learn to Tie Flies?

So you want to learn to tie flies? Then I’ve got just the website for you. My chum Barry Ord Clarke has recently added to his already stunning website, a course of fly-tying lessons. Beautifully photographed and accompanied by clear and simple instruction, Barry takes the novice tyer through the rudiments of our great hobby.

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The Allcock’s Aquatic Spider Fly Pattern

If I could only fish one type of fly it would have to represent any creature that shows a bit of leg! In fact the more legs the merrier! Daddies, water spiders, floating or sinking, anything with that enticing wiggle that Trout can’t resist. Fortunately angling history proves that my choice is a wise one.

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