So here it is, the promotional trailer for my T.V. series ‘Just Fishin’.

I was rummaging through one of my darker cupboards the other day when I came across a VHS copy of a ‘promo’ that was made for my 2001 TV series ‘Just Fishin’. The picture quality is not all it could be owing to the limitations of VHS but I hope you enjoy what was for me, one of the most exciting projects this angling actor has ever experienced!

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The Fish Whisperer

A Shaggy Fish Story from Waterlog Magazine. The sign at the lodge gate says ‘Priorywood Retirement Home’ but this thirty-five acres of rolling countryside with its stately mansion is known locally as ‘Whisperer’s Hall’. The security check is friendly enough, but there is a professional thoroughness when the contents of one’s car boot are examined.

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Fred G. Shad

Another Shaggy Fish Story from Waterlog Magazine. Collecting vintage fishing tackle is a game of highs and lows: great excitement when one finds that obscure and rare reel, and stultifying misery when one comes across a scarce item that is so badly distressed through lack of care, that the finest restorer in the land would...

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