A Blast from the Past!

Regular visitors to this site maybe surprised to find a new addition to the content!
I was rummaging through one of my darker cupboards the other day when I came across a VHS copy of a ‘promo’ that was made for my 2001 TV series ‘Just Fishin’. The picture quality is not all it could be owing to the limitations of VHS but I hope you enjoy what was for me, one of the most exciting projects this angling actor has ever experienced!

Check it out here!

‘STUFF’ – my video magazine!

When I appear at fly-fishing and vintage tackle shows, many of the questions I’m asked fall into distinct categories. So I’ve put together these little videos that will hopefully answer most of your queries. In this series, I’ll demonstrate how to tie some of my flies and the materials I use, plus the tips and tricks I’ve gathered over the years that I’m more than happy to share.
I’ll also show you some interesting examples from my vintage tackle collection.
To read more about my ‘STUFF’ and watch the videos, click here for episodes 1 thru 10.

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Get Your Old Tackle Out!

Get Your Old Tackle Out Fly Tying With Chris SandfordThinking of starting your own vintage tackle collection? Wondering what that bit of old tackle’s worth?

Then watch the show…

“Get Your Old Tackle Out!”

and read the article

Starting a Vintage Tackle Collection

Both the article and the show will not only give you a financial insight into what’s hot and what’s not in the world of vintage tackle but will guide you along the tricky path of starting your own collection. I’ll show you a whole creel full of vintage tackle that made a fortune. An Irish rod and reel that fetched £1,500, a tiny lure that made nearly £3,000 and a Hardy reel that went for £15,000!

If you want to start a collection or think you may have an item of old tackle that could be worth a fortune, you can’t afford to miss…“Get Your Old Tackle Out!” Click here to watch episodes 1 to 4

Mayflies and More

Check out my new step by step fly tying DVD and booklet Mayflies & More